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01. ME // Rachael. Twenty. Soy de Rochester, NY. Viva en Boston, MA. Geek. Obsessed. Pretentious Indie Yuppie. Bookworm. Music freak. Moderate liberal. Subber. Shipper. Writer. Fangirl. Potterhead. The Office addict. Crazy awesome.
02. LIKES // Reading. Writing. Poetry. Literature. Music. Good friends. Geeky things. Procrastinating. Interwebs. HTML. Obsessing. All things Potter. The Office re-runs. Junk food. Filling notebooks. Fandomy stuff. Shipping. Slashing. Paint Shop Pro. Concerts. The indie kids. Politics. Running in the rain. Traveling. Elections. Laughing. 87. 42. Esoteric references. Converse shoes.
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